ATEN launches its latest Presentation Switch for BYOD

ATEN ANZ has released the VP2120 Seamless Presentation Switch with quad view multi-streaming with integrates a video matrix switch, audio mixer and the idea-sharing platform all into the one compact device. Participants can join meetings wirelessly from laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Collaboration is enhanced with bi-directional content streaming of up to four participants simultaneously. Users can click the ‘Start Sharing’ button to stream in presentation contents from your laptop or mobile device, and ‘Go Live’ to stream out presentation content in real-time to participants located on the same intranet.

Alongside the Video Presentation Control App, the VP2120 makes it easy for mobile devices to stream in through an online platform, empowered wireless BYOD collaboration when needed.

Specifically designed for flexible and spontaneous team collaboration, the latest switch uses a straightforward user interface that gives users quick access to any on-the-fly meetings. Participants can just BYOD and use the private QR or room code or scan the local network to log in even if not in the same physical area.

Advanced idea-sharing functions such as a real-time whiteboard and an instant chat room are also included when using the ATEN Video Presentation Control App.

The whiteboard facilitates discussions by letting multiple participants take notes and make annotations to any file in real-time. It also lets users add text, draw with a pencil, drag-and-drop files, upload images and enlarge functions.

The instant chat room lets all devices connected share files instantly in a messenger, ensuring everyone is on the same page and has access to the relevant information.

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