Aryzon introduces the ‘cardboard for augmented reality’

Aryzon introduces the ‘cardboard for augmented reality’Start-up Aryzon has released the ‘cardboard for augmented reality’ headset on Kickstarter, which makes use of a set of lenses, cardboard and a smart phone camera. It places virtual content projected from the user’s smart phone screen within their own environment to create realistic augmented reality (AR).

The headset is fully accessible to developers of current 2D AR apps for smart phones, as their applications can be easily adapted for Aryzon.

Designed to be as cost effective as possible, the headset aims to introduce more people to augmented reality and boost its widespread use in everyday settings. It’s shipped as a DIY kit and allows users to display any digital content and bring their environment to life. Aryzon says practical uses will include decorating homes in AR or visualising new products from online shops.

To make the AR experience feel real, projections have to come into view at realistic distances so the right algorithms are needed. Aryzon’s software allows for interactions with the models, allowing users to scale, rotate and navigate in AR.

Aryzon will provide a dedicated platform for the visualisation of digital content that users can access in order to serve a wide range of users. The company hopes this will create a community of people who are passionate about AR development, allowing the platform to be optimised and improved with the objective of becoming the go-to platform for AR content creation and sharing.

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