Arcam announces SR250 AV receiver

ArcamArcam will soon release its latest product, the SR250 AV receiver, in Australia.

Arcam’s newest AV receiver offers connectivity of a fully featured AVR with the simplicity of a traditional stereo amplifier. It has been designed for modern living in apartments where people who may be renting, or cannot afford the full home theatre due to price or space restrictions, can now experience quality home theatre.

Incorporated with the acclaimed Direct Live technology, SR250 provides the dealer with the ability to tune the acoustic performance of the system to any room situation, ensuring the best possible audio experience at any time or place.

The SR250 AV Receiver will maintain Arcam’s reputation for balancing a finely honed technical specification with world class audio through a dynamic design to embrace both current and upcoming technologies. It is designed with seven HDMI 2.0a inputs and HDCP 2.2 AK Ultra HD and 3D video capability built in, which allows for both current and upcoming technology ability.  This means you can listen with stunning realism with everything from heavy-weight blockbusters to your favourite concert video.

The SR250 has an internal fully integrated FM/DAB/DAB+ radio solution.  This gives worldwide access to the internet radio stations, and also provides interfaces to universal plug and play (UPnP). Also the ability access via Ethernet, enables the entire house to be fully integrated. You will be able to automatically establish working configurations with other devices seamlessly whether it is your mobile device, personal computer and networked home appliances.

The SR250 has been developed with Class G amplifier technology, ensuring that Arcam’s newest model takes the highest chords of a musical symphony whilst simultaneously delivering the realistic stomps of a dinosaur crushing a car. The Class G system uses multiple voltage rails to avoid the audible issue of crossover distortion, delivering listeners with stunning realism and an integration of impact and delicacy that is rarely achieved with speakers and subwoofers.

The SR250 AV receiver provides a relatively neutral presentation, with the tonality of voice and effects being deliciously rich and believable. Designed specifically to satisfy the audiophile, the SR250 AV receiver is the highest performing AV receiver Arcam has ever made. The SR250 is set apart from previous models, with two channels supported rather than the conventional five to eleven channels designed by competitors. By only supporting two channels, Arcam have augmented the AV receiver range rather than replace it.

The SR250 AV Receiver has been designed in a solid build, emphasising the functionality of Arcam’s newest product and will be available in monochromatic black.

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