Airtopia expands globally


Airtopia (formally inIRt) is a small start-up company based in Melbourne that began by researching how it could solve a problem that existed globally in the home and office automation market: integrating spilt system air conditioners with automation solutions. This has been a long-running problem that, in the past, has often produced unrewarding outcomes for integrators.

“With the help of industry experts, we set out to design a product that would save installers time, add value to their businesses and keep solutions for automating  air conditioning systems as simple as possible,” says Airtopia founder Dominic Cannalonga.

“We created a product to take the complexity out of integrating the enhanced control of split system air conditioners so people can enjoy optimum air comfort while saving on their energy bills. This was not intended as a mum and dad DIY product. Airtopia Enhanced Climate Control was designed and engineered for the professional automation of split system air conditioners.”

In the initial stages after product development, sales were underwhelming and the company realised it was their brand (inIRt) that wasn’t working. They then committed to creating a strong Australian brand identity that would resonate globally.

“The clarity and real meaning of the brand was uncovered during a brand workshop we completed with Di Marca Brand Identity professionals in Melbourne. This drove decision-making around a new product name, brand identity, value proposition and communications – all directed at our target customers.

“The strategic rebranding of the company has led to us successfully exporting our game-changing home and commercial automation product globally,” says Dominic.

Airtopia has developed an IoT Smart Home Solution that works well as a standalone smart energy saving device or integrates seamlessly with leading professional home and commercial automation systems from around the world such as Control4, Crestron, RTi, Push and many more. There is even an Airtopia model that connects directly to Schneider Electric’s Clipsal C-Bus network.

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