Aeons of potential in new Elite Screen solution

Elite Screens has released a new projection screen designed to deliver crisp, clear image as well as being set up to permit acoustic transparency for use with in-wall speakers.

The Aeon CineGrey 3D AT is a fixed frame solution that maximises the viewing area into a smaller footprint that is more appealing in appearance and blends better to room decor. It is ISF Certified for accurate colour reproduction, contrast and dynamic range.

The Ceiling and Ambient Light Rejection (ALR/CLR) eliminates up to 65% washout from ambient light. The high contrast material enhances colour saturation and black levels for greater shadow detail. It also features an angular reflective orientation which provides image clarity in the viewer’s line of sight.

Installation is simple with the lightweight split frame and spring/grommet attachments and a sliding wall mount kit included.

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