Advance Audio’s home theatre offering

Advance Audio’s home theatre offeringAdvance Audio offers quality home theatre electronics and speakers at varying price points to give customers a good home theatre and music system with no compromise between the two.

The company says multi-channel audio is an industry channel that has taken the back seat for too long but is now making a comeback in a very different format that re-establishes the prestige and luxury the industry deserves.

Advance Audio’s home theatre electronics and speakers start with the Arcam Solo Movie 5.1. This is an all in one solution, Blu-Ray/SACD/CD player and powerful Class G amplification for less than $5,000.

The next step up is the Arcam AVR series, which presents an audio-focused offering that is reliable and latest spec.

The separates include the Arcam AVR860, which is the company’s latest 4K UHD Processor. Paired with the Arcam P429 four-channel Class G amplifier, it will give users plenty of grunt in mono (500W), stereo (250W) or four channel (125W) mode. A 7.1.4 system using Arcam separates retails for about $20,000.

Lyngdorf Audio is also part of Advance Audio’s home theatre offering. Peter Lyngdorf has owned and run a number of well-known audio companies and has this year released a new Dolby Atmos/Auro3D/DTS-X Processor with in-built RoomPerfect called the MP-50. With the addition of the Lyngdorf SDA-2400 amps users are looking at a $35,000 electronics offering for a 7.1.4 system.

Lastly, for the ultimate kick-ass home theatre system look no further than Steinway Lyngdorf. 7.2.4. systems with speakers included retail for about $150,000 and with an added projector and screen from a quality supplier like Network AV, users have a multi-channel solution that will put a lot of other systems to shame.

Lyngdorf Audio announces high-end MP-50 surround sound processor

The complexity of multi-channel systems, with many moving parts, more active components, more air being shifted around, more inputs being routed, more types of media being processed and more things to go wrong, requires a whole skill-set combining a knowledge of projectors, screens, AV electronics, speakers, room acoustics, theatre seating and more.

Luckily there are dedicated services such as Dream AV to help free the custom integrator or retail from their precious time. These services are generally inexpensive by comparison to the value of goods going into a theatre and they ensure that the client gets the most of the equipment they purchased.

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