Advance Audio Australia launches ecommerce website

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Advance Audio Australia is launching a new consumer and dealer facing website,

This new ecommerce website features a selection of products, listed at full recommended retail price, that are distributed by Advance Audio Australia. It also includes a Dealer Locator to increase the visibility of its dealers.

The website is designed to act as a:

  • Price list and information portal for our dealers, protected by dealer logins and permissions
  • Profit-sharing mechanism where the normal dealer gross profit that would have been made on a full RRP sale is assigned as a credit to the nearest dealer to the end-user who made the purchase
  • Opportunity for up-sell, as customers can choose to collect from their nearest dealer giving the dealer an opportunity to interact with the client and increase the overall value of the transaction

“In the current industry landscape of ever-shrinking supply chain, globalisation and fiercer competition, it’s very important for distributors to continue to add value beyond simple product supply and look for innovative ways to improve the overall value of the industry while preserving its integrity,” says Nigel Ng from Advance Audio Australia.

“This new website is just one way that we hope to be able to add visibility for our industry to consumers while respecting the role of the retailer.”

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