Acoustic Innovations to unveil Curated Theatres

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Acoustic Innovations has announced the introduction of its 25th Anniversary Curated Theatres collection at CEDIA 2017.

The design combines laser-engraved brass-covered grilles, millwork and furniture-grade finishes and give the ultimate experience of a night at the cinemas. Each design – CINERialto, CINERitz and CINECirque – provides a diverse range for anyone’s taste.

“The inspired design of the Curated Theatres featuring modular components takes our Theatre Interior system to a whole new level,” says Acoustic Innovations founder Jay Miller.

“Now in our 25th year of business, we have a lot to celebrate. In addition to new products and capabilities, we welcomed James Theobald, an industry veteran with more than 20 years in the home theatre interiors market to the Acoustic Innovations family in February.”

As previously mentioned, each design can be slightly changed to suit the accommodations of each room, most notably the columns as room heights can vary.

“Columns add architectural balance and diffuse surfaces inside the theatre. Another popular option is to place speakers inside the columns, which provides a mounting point for decorative grilles or sconces,” says Acoustic Innovations national sales director James Theobald.

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