A Conference week in Munich

KNX again had a busy week with two conferences in Munich, at which it was present. On 13th of September, KNX held a presentation on KNX Secure at the [Smart Home Congress in Munich](http://www.smarthome-kongress.de), explaining that with the additional features of KNX Secure a KNX installation can be protected against unwanted manipulation, next to the measures already in place and described in the [KNX Security Checklist](https://www.knx.org/media/docs/downloads/Marketing/Flyers/KNX-Secure-Checklist/KNX-Secure-Checklist_en.pdf). On 14th of September, the KNX President, Mr. Kammerl made a presentation for KNX as a new Liaison member at the Thread IoT Stakeholder Summit meeting at NXP Munich, while Mr. Demarest explained the state of the KNX IoT project at the concurrent Thread Technology Workshop at the same location.