A cable that combines video, audio and electrical

treotham cable

Treotham Automation has released the Helukabel Heluevent Hybrid, a highly flexible cable for indoor and outdoor media applications.

It combines video, audio and electrical components.

The cable is mostly used for control desks and mixing consoles, but it can also be used in cameras with multiple outlets.

It is suitable for use in studios, on stages or in building services and safety engineering, such as security cameras in trains.

Specially developed for a German TV station. It contains four cables: two HELUKAT 200 cables for data transmission, one JZ-500 control cable for power supply and a 75 OHM 1.0/4.6 coax cable for the video signal.

The HELUEVENT HYBRID is halogen free and flame retardant, allowing it to be installed in buildings. Special sheath materials also make the cable suitable for outdoor applications. It is resistant to oxygen, UV and microbes.

The cables can be delivered from stock or be custom made.

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