8K Association strengthens performance spec for 8K TVs

The 8K Association has published an updated performance specification for the powerful 8K Association Certified mark program.

TV shoppers looking for TVs that offer four-times the resolution available from 4K TVs and that meet the high-performance standards of the 8K Association Certified program will benefit from the new broader performance requirements applied to 8K TVs launching in the market starting this year.

In addition to the existing requirements for resolution, luminance, colour and connectivity standards that ensure powerful big-screen performance, the 8K Association Certified logo program now recognises a broader set of video decoding standards that will promote the wider availability of 8K streaming content.

The updated requirements ensure that 8K TVs can enable access to advanced multi-dimensional surround sound formats for a truly immersive home theatre experience.

“During this difficult time when a communal movie theatre experience is not possible for many, the availability of big-screen TVs with super-sharp 8K resolution offers an alternative cinematic option at home,” Samsung Electronics America director of product planning Dan Schinasi says.

“With the 8K Association’s support to promote performance standards that include AV performance and interface standards, we expect that more homes will choose 8K TVs and more 8K content will be increasingly available in those homes in the year ahead, offering a safe and exceptional home theatre experience.”

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