Three companies secured in one deal

Scott Bagby and John Bagby have successfully purchased Paradigm Electronics, Anthem Electronics and MartinLogan Loudspeakers, giving them 100% interest in the three brands.

Scott Bagby is no stranger to Paradigm, having been one of the original founders of the company in 1982. He will continue as chairman and assume the role of chief executive of the company. John Bagby has been active in the business over the last number of years and he will take on the role of managing director.

In 2005, Minneapolis private equity firm Shoreview Industries acquired a controlling interest in Paradigm with Scott holding a minority position. They subsequently set up SVI Holdings which then acquired MartinLogan Loudspeakers shortly after. With Scott and John’s purchase of the three brands, completed, Shoreview Industries has exited the business.

Scott says it is an exciting time in the industry and they were looking forward to moving into the future with all three brands.

“We will continue to maintain and adhere to the core values of each brand as we strive for continuous innovation to deliver products with superior performance and value. We will operate with integrity and respect, building on the great relationships and strong friendships created over the years. This is our commitment to the industry.”

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