Screen Innovations introduces Solo 2

Screen Innovations (SI) has announced its re-designed version of the Solo motorised screen. Solo was originally designed as the first motorised screen solution to fit into the design of a room and be capable of being easily carried and installed in less than five minutes by a single person.

SI chief executive Ryan Gustafson says that the company has been listening to its consumers who wanted more size, power, reverse roll capability, serviceability and robustness.

“We are delivering exactly that with Solo 2, a completely re-engineered product, and by completely re-engineered, I mean absolute simplicity,” he says.

The Solo 2 family is suited to continue that legacy, with a new even more compact cassette design that is 17% smaller than the original, but with a much wider array of options such as sizes up to 160” diagonal and nearly any power option imaginable.

SI has continued the innovative rechargeable power option as well as the existing wired low-voltage option, and a new addition of wired AC in Solo 2 along with a slew of control connectivity options such as RTS and RS485.

Additionally, Solo 2 is capable of reverse orientation, a highly requested feature that enables users to drop their screen in front of an existing flat-panel or wall-art without obstruction concerns.

One of the most notable design features of the new Solo was the rechargeable motor option, a patent-pending design that uses a magnetic charging port to recharge a lithium-powered motor. For the rechargeable option, running wire is not necessary and recharging is only required once every two years by simply ’clicking’ the magnetic cable to the charging port.

Material options are Slate, SI’s popular optical (ambient-light rejecting) material, and Short Throw making Solo 2 the world’s only motorised screen with an optical material specifically suited for ultra-short throw projectors. Additionally, SI has included their highly refined white and gray materials, also rated for 8k projection and reproducing the purest possible image.

SI is accepting Solo 2 pre-orders now and will begin shipping starting on 2 April 2019.

Screen Innovations is distributed in Australia by Screen Technics and Network AV.

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